By now I'm sure you've heard of the recent macOS supplemental update that rolled out to basically everyone and bricked a ton of devices – that includes Catalina, Mojave, and High Sierra. I know tons of people who have Macbooks and have been impacted badly.

The thing I keep wondering is, at a time where most of us are stuck at home, why push out a buggy update like this? I think this is where processes need to be called into question, because typically companies would want to avoid any updates during peak season (I know at work this is sage advice; this is definitely peak season for Apple when so many people rely on their devices and there's no convenient mechanism to get them repaired due to COVID-19).

Does Apple consider the owners of its devices its customers? Because for the businesses that are just hanging on and need their devices, any blow like this could be devastating to them – and with this update, it seems that Apple isn't following the same line of thinking there.

(And aside, if it doesn't, then let me do whatever the hell I want on my device, and stop trying to be gatekeepers if you don't want us to be customers either.)