it's the holiday season. Here in New York, we're teetering on the precipice of a second wave of COVID-19.

I can't say much has changed all these months. Slowly some restaurants are opening up, but many more have closed down – casualties of an uncontrolled pandemic and a lack of a safety net. I've been back to the office every so often – working from home just gets tiring. I've kind of gotten used to it, but being productive takes a lot more effort without the environment change, and if I have a bad night of sleep, I basically have to write that day off and productivity-less. I've finally gotten used to my setup, but I'm also beginning to grow very tired of the gaming chair I have – which is peeling faux leather on the seat cushion from how much more I've used it these couple of months than any time else I've had it. Potential Herman Miller purchase?

Summer flew by – usually summer is marked by how much hotter it gets, but when you spend the vast majority of it indoors, suddenly it's gone in a blink of an eye. The hardest part for me was Daylight Savings Time – the change hit me so much harder this year as a result. It's also marked a shift in trying to go out and enjoy at least a little indoor dining while I can – because I know this winter is going to be much tougher than normal.

And I didn't go home for Thanksgiving. I last visited my parents in September – a quick trip around the time of my birthday – and back then, the airports at least at LGA and DCA were nowhere near anything resembling crowded. Hearing that 1.5 million people still travelled on an airplane for Thanksgiving was a big oof – and I ended up cancelling my flight to DCA the day of the flight. Shout out to Delta – I'm glad they're still allowing changes and keeping middle seats clear. (I'll gladly pay extra if you keep doing it until a vaccine comes, hint hint.)

And so here we are, about to head into December. What will that bring? Who knows. (Hopefully not another lockdown, but it's looking more and more likely by the day with the numbers trending as they are.)