i've taken the time to update the blog again (which, you know, only happens whenever i have a major life event, it seems). still trying to make my way towards a normal blogging cadence – the list of topics i want to blog about are growing larger every day – but for now, i've added a link to my polywork page and added in some magic around the description.

Notably, my blog's description and footer were actually CSS content blocks – so you could see it because it was rendered as CSS, but it was unselectable, because it was considered decoration. I ended up adding in some Javascript to get the computed style, clear the CSS content, and replace it with the actual text (from the CSS content – had to do a couple of .replaceAll() calls to reformat it), but I think the end result came out pretty well?

Yeah, it uses jQuery. I know, there are native browser APIs I could have used. But this was quick and dirty, and honestly, my fallback for that is always to instinctively pull in jQuery to get it done. I'll probably spend some time later this week to remove jQuery and just use native browser calls.

edit: I removed jQuery! It was very easy.