stress is a strange thing to measure.

when it comes to stress, i've gotten a myriad of opinions on what exactly the level of stress i should be experiencing is necessary for me to call it stress. some people have said small things are too much work for me; others have said that i'm clearly not doing nearly enough for me to be stressed out about anything.

i've come to realise though that stress isn't something that you can measure on a measuring stick – something static. it's ever changing. i think it's easier to weigh it against happiness.

when you're stressed but happy about something, suddenly that stress doesn't seem so bad and it feels more rewarding. likewise, when you're not so stressed but also very unhappy, that stress feels a lot more backbreaking.

i think in the end, i should just stop listening to people about what they think should or should not stress me out – and focus on whether something makes me happy or not.

because that's all that matters in the end.