robert xu


for those who are observant, i've moved to

i really really wanted to keep using hugo, but there were two issues that arose during my usage:

  1. i used to keep everything on my macbook pro, especially at university. that doesn't happen anymore – i use a windows computer (mainly for gaming) at home and that laptop is relegated to light browsing.

  2. i tried to solve that by using, but honestly motivation on trying to upgrade hugo without breaking my theme constantly (this was an issue a couple of times) was rock bottom.

so i've abstracted that out. honestly, i was thinking of hosting something like ghost, but i didn't want to deal with the issues of self-hosting + the price.

i tried svbtle, but lack of custom pages + ssl on custom domains was a dealbreaker for me. i really liked their ideas to posts flow, and i wish had a similar ideas page which i could create posts from (they have a notebook mode, which is nice, but that'd end up on another blog).

so here we are. let's see how it goes this time. maybe, just maybe, this will encourage me to write enough. i hope.

#encouragement #meta #motivation